Friday, November 25, 2011


The pattern of life here has started to take its swing and just as being in Hawaii got slightly less recurrently amazing, our class was whisked away on a three-day retreat to Makapala. For one of our breaks we all jammed into a van and got driven to the mountain coast. There we were invited to hike with a couple of staff members up to the top of one of the heights. Wearing flipflops, armed with a bottle of water, a camera and the awareness of my limited sportiness, I was sceptical when God asked me to go on that hike. But I went, and we climbed past post-card views and ate the tree's fruits on the way. The climb itself was so hard, but remarkably once sitting on the dusty, windy surface of the peak, the trials it took the get there were no longer significant. We sat higher than a plane which flew past whilst birds circled and God's air-con cooled us. God the artist struck me dumb. On the walk down I contemplated how wealthy we are in God. We are so rich when we are His! He reminded me that on earth we are called to store up treasures in heaven, and pointed out that no where else on this world can we be investing in the future and yet experience such richness in the now.