Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm learning that I work better in the mornings and so I've become an acquittance with homework and toast. I'll race the sunrise and get to work as the day wakes up and the sky starts to tint and on a recent occasion I wondered: how did I get here?! Something it provoked in me was to contend with my concept of time. If my time is my own then every instance I do something that stretches beyond my desire becomes part of a 'duty' category. This tires me and my stubbornness to finish rises up. However, if my time is not my own but surrendered into God's hands, then whether I enjoy what I'm doing becomes less significant. Whilst I adore serving this God whose will is so satisfying, there are times when serving Him isn't filled with adventure. Sometimes it doesn't look appealing; sometimes it is having a Book open on a desk that you need to wake up to sit and study. Since being here God has transitioned my understanding of time so that I'm not constantly longing to do whatever I like with each hour of my day, but rather I feel this deep value for investing time in what I know will reap a later great reward. This is satisfying.