Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Time flies. Since I posted 'Aloha' with the novelty of sandy belongings and sunsets (which I still enjoy) it has been nearly 6 months and the passing of two thirds of this school. We have sprinted (and crawled) through the Old Testament and I thank the Lord for bringing me here because I never once anticipated the Bible to be as rich as I'm finding or as satisfying to invest in. Sometimes my vision/hope clouds and I feel incapable in the face of such a Book, but I seemingly get called back to the truth that God desires for me to learn more than I do and thus He will equip me appropriately for His call. A lot of what I have learnt about God's character are things which I'd already credited to Him but since studying I can see that my belief in who God is was never certain or able to hold-up in a debate; it was too vague. Now with the Bible I feel more sure of YHWH; my feet are being nestled onto a firm rock. I am writing this post from the midst of Spring Break which has been a time of rest, refreshment, writing, swimming and exploring. I eagerly await to see how the last term of this school will unfold!