Wednesday, January 9, 2013


On my 21st birthday a friend asked me what present I wanted from God. Initially I found this a bizarre concept but the child in me quickly arose with the valid point: what could I lose? After all, I hadn't asked God for a birthday gift for 21 years so I was surely due something special. But what did I want? Upon arriving in Hawaii and consistent for the first chunk of months I couldn't escape hearing about photography, it was being pushed up right before my nose. I would accidently meet people who were photography students and hear more about the role of photographs in raising awareness within and outside of the Christian world. My natural response to this was a growing desire to stretch my passion for the arts into exploring photography. And so on the 18th of February, 2012, I prayed to God asking Him for a professional camera. Later that day my room-mate gave me 21 gifts and one of them was a small eraser. This edition of erasers came in 100 shapes and sizes for children to collect and swap. A small few of these shapes were little cameras and as I opened the plastic wrapping, in my hand was a brightly coloured camera-eraser. Never underestimate God's sense of humour! I was overwhelmed with God's faithfulness as I understood that although that day I wouldn't be the boastful owner of a Canon camera, that I could take this little eraser as a promise that one day I would. God would provide. This blog post is to be such a celebration of God. Our God truly delights in being involved in our lives and He adores it when we credit interventions, provisions and blessings to Him. Later in the year I was given money and so without a penny of my own I have bought a Canon DSLR camera. This gift was worth waiting for!