Monday, December 19, 2011


For one of our recent assignments we studied Kings and Chronicles together - it makes one momma of a book! Something so pleasantly surprising about SBS is that the verses and chunks of the Bible which I'd usually skirt right past (because they didn't sound quote-worthy for a card) are the ones which I now find so interesting! Therefore, I was inevitably in for a treat with Kings... I loved seeing each king's life summarised into a few verses or chapters. So rarely do we get to see a whole lifespan concluded into its highlights and evaluated as whether it was 'good' or 'evil' in the sight of the Lord. I felt challenged to imagine myself amongst the line-up of 40 kings with my own snappy biography; I wondered what my own would say. As I emerge myself more and more into the Word I feel God's standards being clarified to me. The Bible is becoming my mirror. In honesty, the reflection I see isn't so great, but I am thankful to see the bad in me, confronted by different Biblical characters, so that I can walk the way of faith and obedience which so few of the Old Testament leaders managed to stay loyal to. I want to learn from some of the king's subtle, accumulating mistakes.