Saturday, December 24, 2011


Each week I have the privilege of going to a homeless feeding to meet, listen to and serve islanders. I am noticing a recurring theme which weaves itself through my many conversations: spirituality. I feel exposed to seeing people's vague religion which is knit throughout years of hearing different beliefs. Whilst all whom I talk to know of God the Maker, their understanding goes beyond that. Soaring higher than their understanding of Yahweh is a reigning perception of the spiritual realm. What makes me so sad is that on top of their jigsaw knowledge of the Bible are layers of varying un-Biblical beliefs. I hear people challenge God's very nature and declare lies about His Name. In nearly all of my conversations I feel God instructing me to ask questions (and to only say my opinion when I am asked - this is definitely a discipline!) I hear elusive descriptions of life, energy, vibrations and the ocean being a source. I see that people have open hands to embrace a concept of god, but if truth is scarce, they will clutch at whatever presents itself first. I am beginning to understand that the world is in desperate need of truth. Unless I invest in the Bible and stand assured of what it says, then my own unclear, roughly-edged ideas have the potential to add to this deceived collage which is non-Christian's understanding of God. There is a hunger for truth.