Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Following a few weeks of festive break my days have been peppered with rest, road-trips, hikes and the luxury of being able to ignore the clock. Therefore, on December 31st I sat continuously surprised that a new year had crept upon me without me noticing the date until 3pm that day. I quietened before God and began to journey with Him through what each month of 2011 had brought. I newly saw the subtle gifts which He had sown into each twelfth, gifts of provision, adventure, laughter, friendship and works. I saw the seasons of rest which He had interjected amidst priorities, busyness and rush. As 2012 stampeded closer I sat aware that I have no reason or right to fear the unknown of what this next year brings, because I clutch onto the awakened understanding that for this whole year Yahweh has been faithful to me, often beyond my recognition, lacing me with grace.