Sunday, July 1, 2012


It has been a while since I sent out some prayer requests and I would love to use this as an opportunity to give an update from Hawaii. I proudly write as a graduate of the Chronological School of Biblical Studies! I sat with my graduation certificate in hand, reading that I completed this school in Hawaii, and I was overwhelmed with realisation of God's faithfulness as I remembered His promises to take me both to this island and to study His word. I am full of love for the Bible and hold the complete understanding that I am called to a lifetime of being a student of this Book. After handing in our Revelation assignment our class has had lectures to train us on how to teach overseas; my team and I prepare to go to Mongolia! I am on an all-girl team led by my mentor and staff of this school with two other students. After visa complications, much prayer and mutual peace we decided that it was wise for us to focus all of our time in Mongolia (not going to Russia). I am grateful for once anticipating we would too go to Russia because I now have the desire more than ever to one day go to this nation.  In Mongolia we will spend about a month in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, serving a ministry which works with Mongolian women rescued from prostitution and their children. We will also spend time with a YWAM base outside of the capital which is an adventurous train-ride away. We are all bursting with excitement to serve God in this nation which none of us have been to and enjoy that God is suffice through our incapabilities and He will use us to bring glory to Him. I'd love to share a few prayer requests and invite you to come alongside our team as we set out to Mongolia. Please pray for:
- Our visas - We miraculously got our Mongolian visas approved and returned to us within 6 days (!) but when we are in Mongolia we will need to extend this 30-day visa and we ask for prayer for this to be a smooth and prompt process
- Finances - I am so blessed to already have handfuls of testimonies of God's provision for me but I am still in great need of money towards outreach. I fully trust that God will provide for me in order to serve Him in Mongolia and have seen Him provide for me first in all the smaller details (I got given a rucksack; a sleeping bag; tooth-paste; shampoo, all from different people), reviving my faith. I ask for prayer for me and my team that before we leave on the 4th we would see our money come in
- Teaching - in Mongolia woman aren't particularly respected and neither are young people. As an all-girl team under the age of 25 we ask for prayer that we would be considerate to the culture and present ourselves in a way which shows we are worthy to be respected and to teach the Word of God. We trust that although being all girls can be seen as a weakness, God's power is made perfect through weakness and He is going to use us greatly!

Thank you so much for your prayers