Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I write assured of the privilege it is to serve God. The past two weeks have hosted traveling from Kona to Honolulu to Japan to South Korea to Mongolia. It has been a time of new countries, new cultural norms, new foods, new friends, new attire, new words and a new alarm clock setting. A lot of energy was put into frantically planning towards this outreach that as our time to leave Hawaii crept closer I began to realise how incredibly unprepared I felt. By the end of our school my class were united in tiredness and with my math skills I couldn't calculate how we would have the strength to serve for two months overseas and why God had asked this of us. Thankfully, since being here my fretting has been soothed. The Mongolian people we have met with have been bursting with contagious joy that so far our time has been somewhat refreshing rather than straining. The most-part of our time here has been spent working with an organisation which sells jewelery and mittens made by women freed from lives of prostitution. For me this is my fourth missionary trip and my fourth exposure of meeting and working alongside Christian women who are being restored from the sex-trade. I'm aware and excited that God is being intentional with this and whilst my heart for freedom continues to grow, little by little so does my understanding of the complicated tangles of deception, abuse and profit which fuels the business of prostitution. In the past four years I've never had the privilege to work so closely with the women as here. We live next door, lead their devotions, attend their tea-party socials, work, pray, eat, ask questions and laugh together. I'm excited to be a part of the impact that the truth of the Bible can have and I write from this country full of joy.