Monday, August 6, 2012


When I was younger I assumed God desired of me this one spectacular decision to follow Him; to be His. As I began learning how to walk with Him I saw that one decision isn't enough, I am far too fickle and far to quick to lust after all that doesn't reflect Him. My young and inquisitive mind tried to understand precisely what God required from me and I concluded that there needed to be some sort of daily recognition of my devotion to Him. I confess that this realisation wasn't a happy one as the thought of this tired me and made me question the value of my first conversion towards Christ. It used to be a regular part of my routine to whisper to God in my mind that He has me; He has my attention; my service; my obedience. I'm not sure whether this was more to remind God or myself. When I was daily telling God that I chose Him, I underestimated what a relationship with Him looked like. God wants more. Since being here in Mongolia my life has got somewhat busier. My love for stealing quite times of solitude to spend with God has become a luxury and this busyness has squeezed spending time with God out of my life. I write as I do because I want to stress this current posture of stale faith. Without daily dwelling with God I am still able to call on Him when I need, to utter that quick plea, to pray in front of people, to interject my opinion in conversations about God. However, all this is dangerous because I'm drawing from a stale place. I'm recalling from past testimonies and revelations which are expiring, where my initial understanding has dulled. The lesson I am learning is that it is regularly and incredibly relevant to create time to spend with God in order to stay fresh. I am being evoked to confidently say that any stance other than complete need of God is incomplete truth. God is able to take whoever is stale, empty and dry and input life in its fulness. Live fresh.